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6 Months Interest Free Credit Available

An initial payment of £500 followed by 6 monthly payments of £150.00

  • Written and taught by our therapists and sports medicine doctors
  • Learn to assess and treat to a high level
  • Internationally recognised
  • Active IQ Accredited qualification
  • Get experience in our open clinics with real clients/patients
  • Weekend courses to work around your life

Sports massage is a rewarding and interesting career. Work for a professional team or club or set up a private business or clinic. Our course teaches you everything you need to know and we have experienced tutors (sports therapists, doctors and masseurs) to hand to supervise and provide support.

Take your sports massage career further and learn to assess injuries and provide treatments.

Learn all about injuries from our therapist and medical team who work regularly with professional teams and NHS patients.

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Become a sports massage therapist with us and learn from Sport and Exercise Medicine Doctors.

Not only will you be taught in depth anatomy and massage techniques but you will also be taught about common injuries and their management.

On top of all this, we will also provide ample experience by running 'clinics' for clients to attend and organising placements at events. By the end of your course, you will have not only gained the knowledge but also the experience to feel confident and be competent in sports massage.

AIQ Level 3 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy
Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy

Entry Requirements
Anyone over age 16 years old welcome.

Active IQ.

Many of the clients seen by sports massage level 3s have injuries. Learn how to manage them, recognise them and treat them effectively. This exciting and detailed course is taught by experienced sports massage therapists, physiotherapists and sports medicine doctors.

On this course you will cover:

  • Anatomy in detail
  • Injuries of the shoulder, elbow, spine, hand, wrist, hips, knees, ankle and foot
  • Examination and Treatment

We work with a number of sports clubs to provide experience as well. Making our course an extremely unique course. Our course design and emphasis on practical experience and career opportunities has led to the majority of our students working extremely successfully for sports teams and in clinics.

You will be supported throughout the course by your dedicated educational supervisor. Your course will be taught by one of the doctors, physics or sports therapists in our team.

In this short module we discuss how to get the most out of the course and what you need to do!

In this module you will be taught anatomy and physiology by our expert tutors. We bring it to life by linking it back to injuries and real life applications.

In this module we discuss the key implications of exercise on the body including the musculoskeletal system.

In this module we discuss how soft tissue such as muscles, tendons and ligaments can get damaged and how they heal. We also look at methods to speed up the process and help with return to function.

In this module we discuss setting up your massage business or working in a clinic. We teach you how to run a consultation and provide "clinics" with real clients/patients who need massage to ensure you are confident on completion of your course. You will be closely supervised by our team of doctors, physios and sports therapists.

Here we discuss the level 3 treatments that you are expected to be able to carry out and make sure that you get lots of hands on practice!!

In this module we discuss the role of level 4, the competencies of what you can do and its role in sport and in musculoskeletal clinics.

In this module we look in detail at the anatomy of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. We look at examining these joints and recognising common injuries. We then discuss treatment.

In this module we look in detail at the anatomy of the hip, knee, foot and ankle. We look at examining these joints and recognising common injuries. We then discuss treatment.

In this module we look in detail at the anatomy of the spine. We look at examining these joints and recognising common injuries. We then discuss treatment.

This module is a one stop shop to give you all the knowledge you need to start your own clinic and therapy business.

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  • Case Study
  • Worksheets
  • Written Exam

    Practical Assessment

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