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  • Written and taught by medical doctors and midwives who are PT qualified
  • Evidence based course
  • Learn from the UK's leading Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialists
  • Internationally recognised
  • Active IQ accredited qualification
  • Weekend courses to work around your life

This course is for anyone who wants to work with clients who are pregnant or recently post-partum.

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Welcome to the only pre and post natal course delivered by our doctor and midwife team. Both tutors are also experienced instructors of over 15 years.

Over the two days our master instructors, Dane and Angela will teach you about the following key areas:

  • Physiological and Biomechanical changes that take place in pregnancy
  • Consultation and safety
  • Nutrition in pregnancy
  • Baseline testing
  • Programming exercise in pregnancy
  • The NHS/Medical Journey.**
  • Special circumstances and medical problems in pregnancy.**
  • Current research in the field of pregnancy and Exercise **

**Advanced material for our students only.

Aiq Level 3 Award in Designing Pre and Post Natal Exercise Programmes

Entry Requirements

Anyone over the age of 16 year is eligable to book on to the course. Ideally it is recommended that you must have completed your Level 2 Fitness Instructor or Exercise to Music Instructor or another fitness qualification such as Pilates or Yoga. If you have not completed this qualification; you can book the two together through our Career Package page. If you come from a slightly different career pathway- do send us a message so we can discuss your case! We have had a range of other professionals train with us from midwives, physiotherapists amongst other professionals

You will be supported throughout the course by your dedicated educational supervisor.

In this short module we discuss how to get the most out of the course and what you need to do!

In this module we look at what pregnancy is and what happens in each trimester of pregnancy. We also discuss the key benefits of exercise to pregnancy.

In this module we discuss the changes that occur to the body both physiologically and biomechanically. We apply this theory back to practical applications when programming and delivering exercises to these clients.

In this module we discuss what the doctors and midwives do when their patient is pregnant. We discuss the key tests including genetic testing and much more.

In this module we discuss how a pre and post natal consultation needs to be different. We discuss what needs to be included and the documentation required when working with these more complex clients.

Using all the theory you have learned, here we put it together and apply it to programme writing. We want to ensure you can write safe and effective programmes.

Using all the theory you have learned, he we put it together and apply it to programme writing. We want to ensure you can write safe and effective programmes.

Here we discuss a range of exercises taking inspiration from yoga, pilates, outdoor training, free weights and many other aspects. Our key aim is to challenge your critically thinking about how you programme.

Here we cover a range of key medical problems including placenta praevia, eclampsia and pre eclampsia, multiple gestations, HELP syndrome, Down's Syndrome and other genetic conditions to name a few. Our medically qualified tutors deliver this content in an engaging and practical manner.

In this module we discuss setting up your pre and post natal business. We cover everything from insurance, to business plans to marketing. We also have a look at some of our old students working successfully in the industry as case studies.

Ben Jones

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Enjoy the course. I learned alot about how to keep up to date. Dr Dane really pushed my boundaries.

Sue Grisbrook

Thursday 08 December 2016

Superb course. Nice to be taught by a midwife and a doctor! Learned so much and you answered ALL my questions!!!!!

Bethany Sandhurst

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Dane was great. This is my second pregnancy course and I learned so much more.

Rosie Kerr

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Classes are going great. I travelled from ireland for the course because as a midwife i wanted to learn from Dr Dane. Thankyou for a fantastic course

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You will be assessed by:

  • 4 written programmes one for each trimester.
  • 1 coursework (worksheets).

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