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Written and delivered by Nick Grantham (MSc, ASCC, a leading expert in Strength and Conditioning)

  • Study from the comfort of your own home at your own pace
  • Evidence based course incorporating academic papers and further reading
  • Learn how to integrate strength and conditioning into client programmes
  • Learn how to engage clients with their strength and conditioning programmes
  • Active IQ endorsed CPD qualification

Tutor, Nick Grantham, has trained athletes for 4 Olympic Games, 2 Commonwealth Games and currently works with a football team in the Premier League.

This CPD course will give you an overview of the origins of Strength and Conditioning and how to incorporate Strength and Conditioning into programmes to help clients recover from injury.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate, signed by Nick Grantham, as evidence of your CPD.

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This online course should take approximately 15 hours to complete with a mixture of online videos, additional tasks and extra reading.

In this course Strength and Conditioning expert, Nick Grantham, will take you through how to integrate Strength and Conditioning into an injury rehabilitation programme for your client. You will look at what Strength and Conditioning is and how it originated, the physical preparation concepts for Strength and Conditioning, the principles of programme design for Strength and Conditioning, strength and power loading concepts and how best to engage clients with their rehabilitation programme.

Entry Requirements
There are no specific entry requirements for this course. Previous students have come from a range of backgrounds from health care professionals, physiotherapists, exercise referral students, personal trainers and those interested in learning more about how Strength and Conditioning can support injury rehabilitation.

You will be supported throughout the course by your dedicated educational supervisor and the CORE Fitness Education team.

In this short module Nick Grantham introduces the course and explains what you need to do!

In module 1 you will learn about what strength and conditioning is, the origins and importance of strength and conditioning within a modern injury rehabilitation programme, and the importance of evidence based strength and conditioning.

In module 2 you will learn about the relationship between each cornerstone of physical preparation in relation to rehabilitation programme design. You will look at the importance of establishing the patient's rehabilitation purpose, how to develop optimal movement quality as part of your exercise prescription. You'll learn to take into account the functionality of each activity. You will discover the importance of creating time efficient sessions, maintaining continuity throughout the rehabilitation process and the often forgotten need to allow sufficient periods of recovery during rehabilitation.

In module 3 you will learn about the fundamental principles of injury rehabilitation, planning and programming; how to orientate the rehabilitation and reconditioning programme around the available resources and physical attributes of the patient, and the five point process of programme design.

In module 4 you will learn about fundamental loading strategies; how to develop the specific strength requirements of a patient based on their rehabilitation outcomes and the relationship between load and velocity and how this influences programme design.

In module 5 you will learn about the importance of developing your non-clinical skills to improve patient engagement. You will learn about the fundamentals of patient engagement, key resilience mechanisms and the importance of self-determination.

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Grant Downie OBE

Monday 14 December 2020

I like the layout and flow of the course and would highly recommend this to any recently (1-3 years) qualified physio, sports therapist and S&C coach. The course gives you real practical advice and where possible the science/evidence behind this. In the new world this is a great resource of learning which can be done from your home and in your own time without the cost of travelling.

Grant Downie OBE
Consultant in Medical and Performance Solutions

Jo Gibson

Thursday 03 September 2020

I have had the privilege of knowing Nick through lecturing and running courses together and have always been impressed by his knowledge, expertise and passion for his subject. When I heard he was launching his online 'Strength and Conditioning In Injury Rehabilitation' course I was excited to see the finished product and it doesn't disappoint! This is a well-presented, comprehensive course that equips you with the knowledge to develop and design effective rehabilitation programmes with your patients. Underpinned by the evidence base it takes you through the fundamental concepts and factors influencing programme design in an accessible format. Lectures are presented in short information packed sections with clear aims and outcomes allowing you to progress at your own speed and equipping you with the knowledge foundations to increase your confidence and skills in this domain. As ever Nick puts the patient at the centre of programme design and emphasises the skills required for patient engagement and taking a holistic approach to rehabilitation. Full of practical tips and tricks and built on his huge experience this is a strength and conditioning course that illustrates how to engage and empower patients and utilize practical influencing strategies to ensure optimal outcomes. This course is a fantastic resource for anyone that wants a sound understanding of the key foundations and applications of strength and conditioning principles in injury rehabilitation- don't miss it.

Jo Gibson
Consultant Physiotherapist

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At the end of each module of the course there are questions for you to complete. As this is a continuing professional development (CPD) module these questions can be taken as many times as is required. There is no formal assessment.

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