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  • Written and delivered by our UK leading team of experts
  • Lifetime free mentorship and support
  • Evidence based courses
  • Internationally recognised
  • Active IQ Accredited qualification
  • Part Time Weekend courses to work around your life

This internationally recognised qualification will allow you to work as a gym instructor. The course has been designed by some of the UK's leading fitness industry professionals, so start an exciting new career in the fitness industry with us. You will also gain a circuits instructor certificate on completion.

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This course is designed, written and delivered by a team of sports scientists, academics, specialist instructors, educationalists and experienced personal trainers.

All students study the anatomy, physiology and other theory modules as e-learning. This is done through a variety of interactive videos and resources. Students work at their own pace and have their educational supervisors for constant support throughout.

Students are expected to then attend 4 days of face to face teaching. These days will be used to consolidate the learning from e-learning and will mainly focus on the practical aspects of the course.

Students will cover the following key areas:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Exercise Programming
  • Health and Safety
  • Supporting Clients
  • Delivering and Coaching
  • Exercise programmes
  • Circuit Training
  • Communication skills


  • AIQ Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing

Active IQ

Entry Requirements
Students must be over 16 years of age to enrol on the course. There are no other entry requirements.

You will be supported throughout the course by your dedicated educational supervisor.

You will also have support from your course tutor and the whole CORE team and other students via our exclusive private facebook group. The online learning will also serve to support you.

Our educational supervisors are passionate and friendly and you will find yourself more than likely keeping in touch with most of the CORE team! On completion of your course we have a dedicated graduate forum to support you as you develop your career.

In this short module we discuss how to get the most out of the course and what you need to do! The module is split into 3 shorter lessons:

  • The Course and Assessment
  • Roles of a Fitness Instructor
  • Study Skills

Here you will learn all the key anatomy and physiology you need to be a fitness instructor. Our team of doctors teach you this challenging area in an easy to learn fashion. The module is split into the following smaller lessons:

  • Heart and Lungs
  • Nervous System
  • Muscles
  • Bones and Joints
  • Energy Systems

This module looks at what happens to the body when we exercise. It is broken down into the following areas:

  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Motor Fitness
  • Nutrition for Exercise and Health

In this module we look at the key health and safety laws you are expected to know and adhere to. We also look at risk assessments and everything else you need to successfully work in the industry.

In this important module we discuss the science behind retaining clients, getting new clients and communication skills and models. This aspect makes our course very unique and our students arguable more successful!

In this module, students learn all the key gym exercises, the muscles and joints they work, key technique and injury prevention points. Here we also use the latest research to discuss, sets, rep, rest, heart rate, intensity, workout models and much more!

In this module we look at the art of coaching. We want our students to be fantastic coaches, who can coach clients to great results, whatever the goal. Here we look at the key methods and models for coaching.

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Venue: York Sports Centre Athletics Pavilion, University of York - Heslington West, James Way, North Yorkshire, YO10 5NA

Day 1: Saturday 14 September 2024 10:00-18:00
Day 2: Sunday 15 September 2024 10:00-18:00
Day 3: Saturday 28 September 2024 10:00-18:00
Day 4: Sunday 29 September 2024 10:00-18:00
Day 5: Saturday 19 October 2024 10:00-18:00

Total Days: 5 Days

Note: Bookings close on Thursday 12 September 2024

Myles Lawman

Saturday 23 March 2024

Enjoyed it a lot! Covered some of the material from my degree and Paul taught it really well, a lot of it sank in better than my degree! Looking forward to the PT course!

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Student will be assessed by:

  • 1 multiple choice theory exam
  • 1 coursework booklet (LAP) including a client programme
  • 1 practical exam

To support you in your exam preparation we have developed exclusive mock exam questions, just for our students and a range of other resources including podcasts, revision videos and more!

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