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Pre & Post Natal Research & Guidelines

17th April 20189
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As a fitness company we promote nutrition and exercise for a wide variety of clients, but as we know there are a lot of key points to consider when training a Pre/Post Natal client due to the changes occuring during pregnancy. This can be down to energy levels, changes in diet due to foods they need to change or because they feel nauseous from their taste/texture as their pregnancy progresses. Plus on top of this there are many other hormonal and body changes that we as Personal Trainers need to be aware of before we even think about training a client and giving them nutritional advice.

Just to put into perspective the Royal College of Midwives research found 1 in 5 of Women start their pregnancy with a raised BMI, which could impact on their ability to have a natural birth or could increase the risk of high blood pressure and illnesses like pre-eclampsia. From this NICE have developed guidelines for professionals to use in the weight management before, during and after pregnancy and if you are a qualified Pre/Post Natal instructor you could use this for guidance with your clients.

There is also a great article from the Royal College of Midwives on the issues that are faced by Obesity in Pregnancy.

If you are thinking of training these clients you need to be qualified in Pre/Post Natal, for more information on the courses we provide go to:

Guidelines were updated in June 2017 and this indicated the following:

  • 50 mins or moderate intensity exercise per week
  • Types of exercise include Swimming and Brisk Walking to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes
  • Types of Exercise should reflect a womans previous exercise regime, so they should not start new types of exercise that they have not previously been doing eg running/sport
  • If they are new to exercise they should start with 15 mins 3 times per week then build up to 30 mins
  • For further information go to the Royal College of Midwives and take a look at the NICE guidelines or attend our course to become a Pre/Post Natal Specialist.

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